Free Kitchen Makeoverūüćī

Earlier this week, I posted about the importance of neutral design. ¬†When buying, selling or remodeling, make sure to select options that allow your home to maintain a “blank canvas”. ¬†By doing this, you accomplish 3 things:

  1. Longevity. A timeless, ageless space that allows the trends to change while¬†maintaining your home’s relevancy.
  2. ¬†Save Money. You eliminate boredom and overspending long term by designing neutral spaces. ¬†If you’re always designing your main, “stationary pieces” to be of the moment, you will get sick of the design, or you will look dated quickly and have to continuously pay to upgrade.
  3. RESALE!! ¬†A neutral space allows you to collect top dollar. ¬†By staying neutral, your design aesthetic won’t be offensive to potential home buyers. ¬†BINGO – that’s what we want! $$$

However, I know what you are thinking….neutral is boring. Neutral is vanilla. Neutral is lackluster. ¬†Well, yes, it can be if you don’t accessorize with paint and goodies from your favorite home stores. Below I have redecorated the same space 5 times to show how a plain white kitchen can be a “WOW” kitchen with just a few colored accessories. In addition, everything that I will use will be from other spots within this home. That’s right….I will be spending NO MONEY!!! I will use decor from bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas, etc. ¬†I will curate the pieces, find a color story and then bring it all together. ¬†Take a look and see for yourself!


So, here we are….starting off with a blank canvas – a neutral space. ¬†Timeless, yet relevant and updated. ¬†This kitchen design will last a few decades. Now for the fun part….drum roll please….


Maybe it’s the holidays and you want to pop your kitchen with a little red to get in the spirit!! Or maybe red is your favorite color. ¬†Whatever it is, we were able to give this far from basic kitchen a little extra LOVE. ¬†Here is how we achieved this color story for zero dollars….We pulled out the red Kitchen Aid mixer and Kurig coffee maker from the cupboards. ¬†Found a red candle and vase from two different rooms. ¬†We realized the olive oil lid and wine bottle were both red, so decided to throw those props from the pantry into our color story and created a #redkitchen .



In this example, we created a citrus story.  Feeling inspired by the mini, planted herb garden, we decided to design around it.  We swapped out a cook book for one that had pops of lime on the cover.  Found a candle and 2 vases from a storage closet in the basement, grabbed a few more vases from a bookshelf in the study and used the limes and lemons from in the fridge to complete our #citruskitchen .


Brass is all the range right now, but I am not sure I want to swap out all my cabinet knobs and lights so quickly. Maybe I will walk before I run and do a little test drive to see how I really like brass hardware. We found quite a few brass accessories in this home without even realizing we had so many brass goodies.  We found 2 brass serving trays stored in the pantry and used one to house our limes and lemons and the other to display our spirits. In the dining room we found a candle holder with a brass base and in the master bathroom we found an amber votive and a jewelry dish, both collecting dust.  Again, all easy finds not being utilized to create our #brasskitchen .


My client’s favorite color is orange but she was nervous that orange would be too bold for her white kitchen. ¬†I reminded her that none of it was permanent and to let me give it a try, especially with it being fall. ¬†We grabbed a few pumpkins from the porch, swapped out a cookbook for a cocktail recipe book, added an orange tray from storage and a few candles with orange pops to give this lovely lady her dream #orangekitchen¬†.


Last but not least, my favorite….the Kardashian Kitchen!! ¬†HAHA, just kidding…………….. I love black and white and love to play with all types of patterns when it comes to this color combo. ¬†This was the most fun for me as my client had a ton of black and white objects throughout her home. ¬†Some of the items from the #redkitchen were reused¬†as they had details of black and white. I found a¬†Fish Eddy salt and pepper and sugar bowl in the spice cabinet and thought these were too perfect not to display¬†on the counter. We used some cool pattern¬†frames that were found in a guest room, a black and white box storing coloring books in a playroom and an amazing black vase hidden away in a closet. ¬†Pulling these items together helped us achieve a #blackandwhitekitchen¬†.

¬†Click Photos to add a little Brooklynese to your kitchen!I hope this guide helps you in recreating the space you want and deserve. Playing with color¬†can be stressful¬†but is way less scary when it’s not permanent. I would love to see pictures of how you update your space with color so please feel free to share in the comment section or email me at

Have fun experimenting!! WW

DESIGN TIP: The best way to pull a color scheme together is to gather up all your extra props and accessories from different spots throughout your home and group them together by color. From there you can take inventory of what you have to accomplish a color story.

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