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Holiday Decor that will last for 60 days

Fall is a very short time frame and for me, I want to maximize my fall decor from October 1st to November 30th, without having to swap it out. Below are my favorite examples of fall decor that works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving so you only have to decorate once. Here’s to saving time and money!

Fall closet cleaning guide in 8 easy steps

Closet purging and organizing is not just a task to take on going into spring, but equally as important as you head into fall. In fact, getting your closet ready for the fall season is even more crucial, as winter items are bulkier and take up more space.


Feng shui experts have coined the front door to be the “mouth of chi”, in which all energy enters and exists the home. Color, condition and cardinal direction can impact your home’s overall feng shui.

Within Walls

Have you ever wandered your neighborhood and as you walk by the homes wondered….. Who lives inside, what do they do, what is their story? Are…